Army commander demands discipline from troops

“We need to do the right thing in the right moment and we need to slowly but surely continue for the better image of the organization. Commitment and dedication of our predecessors and those still serving, made the Army to be ahead of all other organizations. In the same vein, breach of discipline by one person causes embarrassment to all of us in the organization. We all must be mindful of what we are doing at formation levels without forgetting or neglecting our roles and tasks. Let not acts of ill-discipline reach my office, the Commander remarked,” he said. During his address, Lieutenant General De Silva, said that the maintenance of the Army reputation, is much more tougher than earning it. De Silva said that all officers should impress on their subordinates and the chain of command should be communicated to the grassroot levels.“Discipline flows from our ability to understand what is right and what is wrong. Having been well informed and properly briefed of our parameters, you all must be able to comply with such borders. Hence, you all must be determined to ensure that 100% discipline is practised at different levels at optimum level,” he added. Army Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva today called on the army to maintain discipline in order to sustain the reputation of the organization.The Commander addressed a gathering of about 175 senior officers of the Army Headquarters and those serving nearby formations. Talking of professional competence, the Commander underlined the importance of having Army training with the intention of modernizing it, to keep pace with fast changing global changes.He also wanted the most important welfare measures, like housing, to reach only those deserving as stakeholders in the Army adding that one should not feel that they are more important than others in the distribution of those benefits.In conclusion, the Commander reminded that every officer should be well armed with courage, ability, knowledge, dedication and, commitment while living up to the expectations of the organization they serve. (Colombo Gazette)