B.C. Teacher’s Federation push rotating strikes into second week

first_imgThe BC Teacher’s Federation is launching its second week of rotating strikes and will again hit every B.C. school district in four more days of work week job action, skipping only Wednesday.The Fort Nelson area is on tomorrow’s hit list, and the Peace River North District is among the Thursday targets.Leader of the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), Terry Berting says the protracted contract dispute is near its tipping point, as the so-called “parents’ strike” gains momentum.- Advertisement -“We’ve already seen parent groups from different districts having their own demonstrations,” Berting explained. “The BCCPAC, as a provincial organization has not done so, but the bear is stirring,”Meantime, with job action shelved on Wednesday, the provincial Labor Relations Board is expected to take the spotlight on that day, delivering a ruling on the teacher’s union contested portions of the government’s partial lockout, including the controversial 10 per cent wage rollback.last_img