Japanese police offer 36000 reward for helping catch a hacker

first_imgJapan‘s National Police Agency (NPA) is used to offering reward money to people who help them track down and apprehend criminals. But until now the rewards have been limited to cases where murder or arson were involved. For the first time though, the NPA has decided to offer the reward for catching a hacker.The hacker in question has already managed to get four innocent people arrested by hacking their PCs and using them to post bulletin board messages. The messages were anything but nice, and gave details of planned killings in schools, which thankfully never happened. He’s also well-known for posting messages on 2channel using an anonymous method known simply as “Syberian Post Office.”Clearly the NPA has had enough, and will happily pay you 3 million yen ($36,000) to help apprehend him/her. That’s the maximum reward they are allowed to offer, showing you how much they want to catch this hacker. All they seem to know is that he’s a programmer that prefers to use the C# language, has created the virus known as iesys.exe, and is very good at remaining anonymous — no wonder they need help.That may be why the reward is so high, as the NPA want to entice someone who actually knows who the hacker is to come forward and rat him out. Such a scenario seems unlikely to happen unless he’s upset a fellow hacker who’s seeking revenge, or a “friend” of his is really short on cash for the holidays.Whether the reward is claimed seems likely to depend on how much the hacker likes bragging, and therefore how many people know about his actions.via NetworkWorldlast_img read more

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