Football, with masks

first_imgAs the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten football across the globe, ideas emerge about what the return to normal will have to be like on the day the ball rolls again. In this sense, Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst has launched an innovative proposal: believes that competitions could be resumed with footballers playing with a mask. “It is an option to consider,” says the virologist in the French newspaper ‘Le Soir’. “Of course,” he points out, these are not surgical masks, which are totally unsuitable. On the Internet, there are anti-pollution face masks that can be worn by football players or bicyclists. They are more comfortable masks“The football virologistMarc van Ranst is a Belgian virologist who has acted as adviser to the Belgian League (Jupiler Pro League) in the coronavirus crisis. Pprofessor in the University of Leuven, its reputation has been increasing in recent weeks and has drawn the attention of UEFA, which maintains permanent contact with the virologist to evaluate the consequences of the pandemic in European football. Van ranst He has been key in the decision of Belgian football to end his League (proclaiming Bruges champion) and in recent days he has been very clear regarding the return of competitions: “I have the impression that UEFA is starting to see that playing football is no longer possible this season. Dwe must be honest: massive events like soccer games or music festivals will be among the last things we allow again“The Gremio ‘precedent’The use of masks to play soccer would be something completely new, although since the start of the pandemic soccer has already left us some images of what could be seen soon. In the middle of March, the players of the Brazilian Guild took to the pitch with masks in their match against Sao Luiz as a sign of protest. against the authorities of Porto Alegre, a city that at that time had five COVID-19 cases.last_img read more

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