The canarinha sex kit: “I end your media life”

first_imgWhat had to be a relatively calm concentration began to get complicated in the final flicks of the spring of 2002. The Brazilian team was concentrated in Kuala Lumpur to prepare for the World Cup in Korea and Japan when The Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo published that the Canarinha players received a “sex kit”, a selection of adult magazines to make the concentration that would last almost two months more bearable.That package, as published by O Estado de Sao Paulo, was not delivered to all players. On the excluded list, as ESPN recalls, There was Kaka, just 20 years old and an evangelical who always tried to “avoid temptations” and even admits to having arrived at marriage as a virgin.As soon as the news appeared, Scolari, the coach, soon confronted the press directly. “I did not allow the distribution of pornographic magazines. You want a mess but you are not going to make it. If I want, I end your coverage here. Do you want to see it ?, shall we bet? In a minute I can do it, “said the coach. This row to the journalists generated another one with the press chief, Rodrigo Paiva, to whom he said that he was not capable of “hiding anything”. “Look, Felipe, while you almost beat the journalists, I was doing what to do, preparing an official denial “, Paiva replied, asking him to leave this type of confrontation to him.The CBF denied it and Scolari himself organized a meeting ‘off the record’ with the press to ensure that this kit did not exist. But the truth is another, according to ESPN, it is not known if before or after this fight, the players and the coach reached an agreement and Scolari did allow this “sex kit” on after-game breaks. More than one came in handy as Edilson recognized jokingly. “If Felipe doesn’t allow it, I will have to buy an inflatable doll.” The history on a purely sporting level is known. Brazil prevailed in the 2002 World Cup, beating Germany in the final and achieving its fifth title after a 52-day concentration that left anecdotes like this.last_img read more

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