Correa: “After scoring the goal we went back alone”

first_imgSimeone said he not only contributes goal but work …“Whenever I go out, like everyone else, we want to defend the shirt to the fullest. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so much, but we give it our all.”That controversial move with Soldier, was it a penalty?“These are decisions made by the referee. We have to dedicate ourselves to play and the referee has been fair to both teams.”Why does the equipment turn off in the second part?“Not only in the second half. Shortly after the goal, we went back on our own and we have to correct that because it hurts us.”Is it an instinctive movement or coach order?“When we dial, which costs us, we go back alone and we don’t know why. It’s a mistake and we have to correct it because now the most important thing begins.”There are many casualties …“It is my desire and that of everyone, that the injured are as soon as possible and with everyone available we can fight with anyone.”Koke is back, who gave him assistance.“Koke is a very important, he is our leader and it shows when he is, how he pushes the team. He made a great game and the team noticed.”Koke: “The team found the goal soon and knew how to suffer”He has won, but suffering. “There are moments that we ourselves fall behind and others that is the rival. You play against a team that wants to draw and win. Sometimes we do. It’s football, the opponent plays, Granada came with positive dynamics, it’s a great year for them”.He has played with freedom of movement. More comfortable?“It has been almost two months without playing and I am a soccer player who needs contact with the ball, feel important and make my teammates play. I have played in the middle, I have climbed forward, sometimes in the band getting in … I am happy, more than for my game, for the team and for winning. “The team has started well …“The important thing was to win. The dynamics were negative and that is changed only with triumphs. We have made a great first half, then Granada has been better because it has tightened.”Simeone says that you are different.“It is appreciated that my teammates and my coach speak well of me, I try to help the team win games and that’s how I feel on the field. For me it is incredible, because I come from a difficult time to be injured and the fans have been spectacular, but not only with me, but with everyone. I’ve been many years and I know what it is. When the difficult times come, we need you. “Is it possible not to think of Liverpool?“Everyone, the fans, is thinking of Liverpool, but we have to look at Valencia. The League is what makes you be in the Champions League, that this year we are out and we have to fight to be in those positions and Valencia is rival direct. It’s a final, then Liverpool will come. We all want to win every game, be first, although this year we are far away. We don’t throw anything away, but the reality is to fight to be third parties. “Mario Hermoso: “It has been fantastic to win before our audience”Victory needed: “It was complicated because they were on a roll, but it was fantastic to win before our audience”Koke: “He is the captain and represents Atlético. He is a talent player and today he has proved it ”Granada arbitration complaints: “These are things that happen in games. Sometimes we look more than there is. The referee does his job. Today has been permissive. ”Valencia: “Until it is over, we take nothing for granted. We have not had a good run, but we want to climb and add three by three. ” “We are happy for the three points, which was important because the streak was bad, we had to win as it was. Other years we have won 1-0 many times and what matters are the points. In the first half we made a great match, in the second there has been some good occasion, like Saul’s, then they have squeezed and put us back. It was important to win, to meet our hobby, which has been incredible. “Was there anxiety?“More than anxiety is that we wanted to win. It was the goal to gain confidence and continue with a positive dynamic of triumphs.”Correa says the team is backing out and it’s a mistakelast_img read more

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