Supermajority taxrule decision splits local legislators officials

first_imgSenate panel backs constitutional amendment for supermajorityState Supreme Court strikes down two-thirds legislative vote for raising taxesSome educators and Democratic legislators from Clark County applauded the state Supreme Court’s decision Thursday that ruled a two-thirds voting requirement to raise taxes in the Legislature is unconstitutional.Republican legislators from Clark County, on the other hand, chastised the decision.“I say shame on those judges,” Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, said. “Why do we even have an initiative process for citizens to stand up and voice their concerns?”Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, said he was glad that the Supreme Court has settled the debate on the rule. The supermajority tax rule has been approved by voters many times but dismantled by the Legislature or lower courts.“The constitutional legality of the supermajority has gone unresolved for many years, and I’m really pleased that the court has finally settled the issue,” said Moeller, who was involved in bringing the case to the Supreme Court.Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver; Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver; and Rep. Monica Stonier, D-Vancouver, said they would not support amending the constitution to require a two-thirds vote of approval by legislators to raise taxes.last_img read more

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